Multi-scale quantum imaging from 100 mm to 100 km distances: Practical application of the SURQUID platform for quantum enhanced lidar on a logarithmic length scale will provide first steps towards technologically relevant use. Multi-scale quantum imaging will exploit quantum enhancement for optical metrology. Objective 3 is application driven and will provide the ingredients for knowledge transfer and direct engagement with industry. Within the range determined from the TOF-measurement (O2) we will scan the source wavelength (phase) and interfere the photons returning from the remote object with a reference field. A photon counting measurement over a fixed time interval as function of the phase delay in the reference arm will then yield super-resolved interference fringes beating the Rayleigh limit by a factor of 2*pi*N^(-1), where N is the number of returning photons. Additional surface profiling will be realized by rasterizing the object using a MEMS device and exploiting angular super-resolution. Exploiting quantum technologies for lidar will not only push sensitivity beyond the classical limit but will open up new avenues for embedding complementary QHD concepts in current measurement systems. Beyond the fundamental proof of concept of quantum enhanced lidar, the SURQUID system will provide a practical implementation with a demonstrator system. The consortium counts with an industrial partner (IBEO), who is a leader in Lidar for the automotive sector and will enable transfer of the technology into real world applications that benefit from multi-scale quantum sensing with quantum enhanced sensitivity and scanning capabilities.

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